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Random Valentine’s Day Thoughts.

I’m not really sure why I’m doing this. I just felt the need to write, or in this case type. Maybe it’s the feeling of being alone again on Valentine’s Day that makes me want to put my feelings out there. I’ve never been one to express my feelings much. Most of the time I’ll express myself through a rather depressing Facebook status or something, but I found that isn’t too appealing. I don’t really even know what to say. Don’t you hate that? When you have ideas bouncing around in your head all over the place, but can’t corral them long enough to write them down. I hate that.

I’ve always hated Valentine’s Day. I think that’s because I’ve never really had a reason to like it. I wish I did. I think I would do well with it. I have a big heart, and I like to make people happy. Maybe one day I’ll get the opportunity to make the 14th day of February special for someone. If only you guys could see inside me, see what I’m all about, maybe you’d understand what things like this mean to me. I try to come off as a tough guy, a man’s man, that doesn’t care about anything, but in reality I care a lot. I care probably a little too much and I think that is why I’m so shy. I just want everything to be perfect the first time. No mistakes. I put so much pressure on myself that if I know I can’t get it right the first time I’d rather not try at all. One day I’ll figure it out, step out of my comfort zone and go for it. It may not start off too well, but I promise eventually it will be worth it.

Anyways, enough with the mushy crap. I’ve been listening to a lot of new music lately. A lot of it I’ve found through twitter, new bands following me is pretty awesome. Hopefully this blog will put me out there a little more, so other bands can find me and I can listen to them too. I’ve also found some bands through going to concerts. It’s almost like a “must do” when you buy tickets to a concert, you have to check out the opening bands. I’ve found so many great bands that way in the last month or so. I’m kind of running out of places to look. I’ve checked out every opening band for every concert that I want to go to, or that I am going to and I’m out of ideas now. Maybe I’m just lazy and don’t want to put in the effort to find them, I want them to come to me instead. Is that really so wrong though? Sometimes I think that if you want to be known you have to put yourself out there to be found not hope someone finds you. Wow, I think I just answered my own problem to my non-existent love life. Ha.

Well, I think this is enough for right now. Who knows, maybe I’ll come back to it in 5 minutes, or maybe I’ll never come back at all. Thank you WordPress for being available for me to write (er wait..) type this stuff out. Sometimes a guy just needs to put his thoughts out there for the whole world to see.


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